<p>A Poor Family In Padaviya Sri Lankan who Have Received A Milking Cow From Sri Lankan Nation Builders.</p> HALABAWEWA SRI LANKA- The first area recognized to start a farm.

We “Sri Lankan Nation Builders” registered and operate in Melbourne Australia. Our organization is registered on the 18th November 2009 just after the war in Sri Lanka with the intention of helping poor countries while helping poor families.

Most of us you and I, and many others who are now living in foreign countries, fled away from Sri Lanka, due to pathetic economic crisis mainly caused by terrorist war. All of us living especially outside the country, at present, need to make certain sacrifices now, rather than later. Every Sri Lankan, living out of the country is expected to make the country available in any manner, at least One Percent of what you earn. This, you sacrifice to rebuild our nation.


Buy SLNB Phone Card and Help

Purchase our phone card only for $ 7.00. Profits of our business are diverted to help Sri Lanka.

Send money to Sri Lanka

Send money Sri Lanka and pay only $ 5.00 and get the highest rate.

Strengthen Sri Lankan poor families

Sponsor a poor family and give them your hand to come over poverty.

Provide a temporary loan to find an income earning way.

They pay money back to you.

Invest in our farm projects

Please contact us for more information